Monday, April 2, 2012

Five (Yes I Know I'm Anal And Ridiculous) (Very Minor Things) That Drive Me (Irrationally) Batty

1.... Open cabinet doors: They're there for a reason! If they were supposed to hang open and constantly expose my slopply organized dishes then the door just wouldn't be there. The day when the inside of my cabinets look as nice as the outside I'll be the first person to take the doors off and throw them away before I can bang my head into (yet another) corner of an open cabinet door.

2.... Open shower curtains: Soap scum creeping in the corners. Fallen poofs spiked with remanants of red bodywash. Suicide shampoo bottles lying helplessly in a pool of waste water. I swear the tub looks like a battle zone after the kids take their evening baths. That thing could be shiny new and spic'n'span, but as soon as the kids bathe it looks like World War 3 commenced on a Japanese island and relocated to my tub. Just ... keep it closed ... please.

3.... Dishes/Towels/Canned Food Not Rotated: Yes, I'm one of those people where everything new/fresh/washed goes in the back and the new stuff gets rotated to the front. This probably doesn't matter for the dishes, since they don't even have a print on them. I like to pretend that it matters with the towels -- after all, I wouldn't want the color to wear unevenly, right? The canned food doesn't really matter, we always eat it before it goes bad, but it's just so hard to resist doing! I wonder how much time I'd save by NOT rotating the canned goods? Let's see: 5 mins every two weeks. 52 weeks a year = 130 minutes per year x 60 (more) years: 7800 minutes = 130 hours = 5.416 days of my life spent rotating cans. Heh. The fact that I even did that calculation just goes to show how anal I really am about things, huh?

4.... Not Reading ALL Directions BEFORE Commencing a Project: I don't care if I'm assembling something minor, major, or got a new "toy", I always read ALL the directions before messing with it. I then proceed to get annoyed at those who refuse to read the directions and instead ask me and waste my time. FYI: Try to solve the problem yourself before coming to me, cause I'm not going to be that nice if you don't at least try to help yourself first. But hey, assuming you don't have an IQ of 60, I'll certainly be helpful if you continue to have problems -- just make sure you read the directions first!

5.... Puzzle Intrusion: I am a fan of jigsaw puzzles and always have one in the process of being completed. If you want to sit down and help me, that's cool, I appreciate it. Just don't come in, sit down, and pull out and build the easiest part of the puzzle, and leave. Dude, I was saving that! I hadn't gotten that far yet, and was not going to build it till it got close to connecting to the puzzle. And if you want to do the easiest part of the puzzle, you better do some of the hardest parts too. It's not fair if all I get to do is build the damn sky and water as the good parts get taken.

Hmmm.... now that I've finished this list, I see that most of these things are items I'd like to nag my hubby about but won't. (long glare at the hubby who doesn't read this anyway, but maybe it'd do him some good, except I wouldn't want him to find my Fave 5 list or he'll never let me watch American Idol again and will probably be forever creeped out, as I fear my readers are now) 

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life Before Turning 30

Today I take my blogging mobile as I type from my airplane headed to Newark, New Jersey. Once I get there I will take a shuttle to my New York City hotel in Manhattan and enjoy 3 1/2 fun filled days and nights in NYC.

It's going to be fun an exciting, but I have something to admit: I'm running away. You see tomorrow is a big milestone in my life as I turn 30 years old. Now don't get me wrong, I want to live a nice long life -- BUT I really don't want to be 30. Yikes! In previous years past I have always looked forward to my birthday, but this year I don't really want to think about it. I am running away to NYC, which is somewhere I've always wanted to visit, so that I could have something to look forward to instead of dread. You know what? It's working. I've hardly given my birthday any thought at all. Now talk to me tomorrow when people are calling asking what it feels like to be 30. I might have to turn my phone off!

I think I fear a loss of youth and physically looking older. I'm happy with this point in my life. A good friend of mine pointed out all that I have accomplished before I hit 30. When she said that a light bulb went off in my head -- perhaps I was thinking of this transition in the wrong way! I was solely focused on the turn in my life once reaching 30. I hadn't stopped to think about the journey getting here.

Those who know me know that I have been through a lot in life. I have pulled myself out of poverty so extreme that many people don't realize children in the US can live as I did. I have dealt with many extreme situations and struggles in many aspects of my life. I am often told I am wise for my years; well that's just because I've had to do a lot of living.

This blog entry is an exercise for myself in trying to figure out what I consider my accomplishments before turning 30 to be. So, self ... what things come to mind? First and foremost is that I have shifted the focus of my life to where it should always have been: to the Lord. I've always had faith and been a believer but I haven't always focused my life as I should have or attempted to find God's purpose for me. I have launched a bible blog -- Everyday Bible Blog already. I applied to graduate school last week. And the day before yesterday two patents were filed with my name on them.

I've been to many places in my life because I was a navy brat. But I have also gotten to go places and do things of my own accord that were on my bucket list. I got to walk around Washington DC. I took a cruise to the Bahamas and had a fantastic time. I took my kids to Disney World, a place I had never gotten to go before. And now I'm on a plane headed to NYC, one of my top wish list destinations.

I guess I have done a lot before I turned 30 and I should try to focus around that. I was never one of those people who had my life mapped (by 28 I will be married, first kid at 31, etc). But I guess if I were to go back 10 or 15 years and make a list, most of this stuff would be on it and I'd still be completely satisfied with where I am by the time I turned 30. I hope the Lord blesses me with a long life, because now I have to see what I can accomplish by the time I turn 40!

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Blog Launched!

Happy New Year Everyone!

My new year resolution actually started as a project that began many months ago.  I decided to launch a new blog on January 1st, 2012 where I would publish a blog post about the bible every single day of the year, until I had fully read through the bible.  If you want to know the reason why I decided to do this, you can read the introduction post located here.

This post has one purpose only -- to invite my readers over to my new blog site:  Everyday Bible Blog.  I will still be maintaining this blog, but my new blog will have the main focus of my attention for the time being.  This new project has been in the works for awhile now, and I had hoped to actually launch a website by January 1st.  That did not happen on time, but I was still able to start publishing the blog entries on time.  Each and every day, a post will be published at 12:01 am.

I hope you visit the new site. I hope you enjoy the new site.  I hope you participate by commenting, and perhaps writing a few blogs of your own.  And, once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope this year brings about positive changes in each and every one of your lives.