Monday, July 4, 2011

God's Last Wake Up Call, a Fourth of July Poem

Happy 4th of July!  My mother called me this morning and requested that I put her 4th of July poem that she wrote a few years ago "out on the internet somewhere."  Well this is as good a place as any.  Enjoy.


Oh Hear Ye, Oh Hear Ye This Message To All--
The Time Has Now Come For GOD'S LAST WAKE UP CALL
For Those Who Have Ears, Let Him Hear--
For Those Who Have Eyes, Let Him See--
What Is To Come And What Is To Be.

WAKE UP AMERICA! It is your birthday today, and God has something to give you in a most special way.
Now all close your eyes
For no one must see your birthday surprise until I count to three.
Are you ready?!
It is time to begin counting down.
And oh, what a gift for us God has found!
He wants to give this to us,
To America He loves
We are special to God
We've been blessed from Above.
We've progressed so far, we are wealthy and free
(And what morals we have! God can't believe what he sees!)

Now all close your eyes
Count to one--
For one God we all stand.
We speak his name in our churches, he is known through our land.
He's given to us all his Holy Bible so true
(and he knows we've all read it many times through and through!)

Now count to two,
Time slips quickly away...
All will get their fair due, for today is the day!

Together on three you may open your eyes--
Happy Birthday America!
In the sky!

Oh My God
What is happening?
It can't be!
What a sight to behold--
Is it Jesus I see?
But I am not ready,
There must still be time.
I want to go with you now, please don't leave me behind!
The trumphets have sounded, the Earth moves in roars--
Should I run, should I hide?
What is that? Is there more?
Jesus is calling the dead right out of their graves--
"It is time to come home," says he, "To all who are saved."
Where did everyone go?
It's so dark and so cold.
Jesus the King has returned--
Just as the old story was told.

I then close my eyes, and to one hope I did cling--
Maybe I'm sleeping--
Wake me up from this dream!

Just then my eyes open,
I was awake in my bed.
"Happy Birthday America! Let's count to three,"
He just said.
"God still loves us America!
So here is his gift to us all--
Happy Birthday! Surprise!