Saturday, April 2, 2011

My First Impressions of Green Smoke

I am posting this on my normal blog because it gets the most search engine hits, but you can find all my Green Smoke posts here.

My highly anticipated Green Smoke package arrived today, exactly one week after ordering it.  That is better than the 10-12 day complaints I keep seeing on reviews (perhaps they're old reviews?) but for me the delivery was still a little slower than I'd prefer. Perhaps I'm a bit spoiled and expect too much out of free shipping.  I think it's Amazon and Apple's fault, for their commendable very quick free shipping.  Recently, a package of mine from Apple went from China, to Hong Kong, to Alaska, to my house -- in only 48 hours, and for free.  So yeah, a week felt like a really long time, especially as I watched my remaining cigarette stash dwindle.  I was hoping to have at least 2 packs left by the time Green Smoke got here, so that I could ideally wean myself off the real cigarettes completely.  Instead, I now have 7 cigarettes remaining.  I am not going to jump off too quickly and limit myself to only have those 7, it's too soon for me to tell how well this is going to work.  The point of this, after all, is to painlessly wean myself off cigarettes.  I think that up to 3 more packs of real cigarettes is a good number for me, but we'll see how it goes after I use my Green Smoke more and more. 

 Here are pictures of what I ordered.  This first pic shows everything that came from my order.  I have here one starter kit, one case to hold my Green Smoke cigarettes and cartridges, a bag of rubber tips to protect my cartridge when someone wants to try it, and 4 - 5 packs of cartridges.  Each cartridge is equivalent to a pack of smokes, so that means there are 20 packs of smokes in those four little boxes.  I am not very impressed with the carrying case.  It will perform its function perfectly, I'm sure, but it cost $10, and it feels very cheap.  I would have been comfortable paying about $4 for it.  It was the cheapest case they had though, and I wanted to have a customized solution for carrying this item, since the item itself is fairly unique and I didn't want it getting lost in my purse.

This next picture shows what comes inside the starter kit.  We have two batteries (the white part of the cig) -- long and short.  The long battery gives you more battery life and you shouldn't have a problem going all day and all night without a recharge.  That, of course, is simply a claim right now that I have yet to test.  You also see 5 cartridges (5 "packs" of cigs) which brings my total starting count to 25 packs of cigs.  There is a wall charger and a usb charger.  In this case, the battery only charges off the usb charger.  If you want to use the wall charger you hook your cig into the usb charger, and the usb charger into the wall adapter.  So if you lose your usb charger, you're screwed!  There is also a user manual, which I did not find that useful.  It did not give any tips on how to ensure the best battery life, how to get the most out of your cartridges, how to store your cartridges in depth, or much of anything else that I already knew from reading their website. The manual basically tells you what the Green Smoke cig is, and nothing else.  Good thing I read all the information available on their website before the package came.  Finally, there is a Green Smoke membership card.  This card states that the Green Cig probably does not apply to the non-smoking laws, please allow this patron to continue smoking in your establishment and call us if you have any questions.  Well, that seems about useless too.  I think it should state clearly that there's no tobacco in these, because it's tobacco that is most often banned.  So those were my initial observations of the Green Smoke system.

The Green Smoke cigarettes come partially charged, but you shouldn't use them straight out of the box.  They need to be fully charged before you start using them to help ensure good battery life (something that should have been noted in the manual).  I was very anxious to try my cigarette, but instead I plugged the shorter one into the charger like a good little girl who wants her investment to last.  That was approximately 6:30 pm.  The cigarette was fully charged at 7:50 pm.  Not bad at all, but it was partially charged in the first place, so we'll see how long it really takes.  Another important thing to note that is not listed in the manual is that you should not overcharge your battery.  Remove it as soon as you notice that it is fully charged.  This will also help increase battery life.  Okay, so this next pic shows my fully charged Green Smoke ready to go.  In the background you'll notice the long battery charging.  It is interesting looking for sure!

My next stop was to head outside to try it out!  I feel funny that I still went outside to smoke on it, but I wasn't sure how I felt about smoking it inside the house until I tried it out.  So I went outside and took that all important first hit.  It was potent!  I felt it in my throat, felt it in my lungs, felt the nicotine.  It really felt just like a cigarette, except it did not taste like nasty smoke.  My subsequent puffs weren't as potent as that first, but they weren't that lacking either.  I knew right then that I would love this device, and would be able to quit smoking real cigarettes.  That quickly I knew.  That was approximately three hours ago.  An hour and a half ago, I smoked on it more, and it was an exact repeat of the first time around.  I could really learn to love this.

You now have my initial review, but take it for what it is.  I have hardly used this product, I'm just giving you my first impressions.  I might find out, three days from now, that the device is buggy or that something in it irritates me, or that I find myself feigning more for a cigarette.  I sure hope that isn't the case, but you never know.  What you do know is that I promise to be back in a week or less to keep you updated about how the process is going.  One thing is for sure -- after finally getting to try Green Smoke, I am psyched!

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