Monday, February 25, 2008

BodyWorlds 3

Today is week #9 of being smoke free!!! Each day gets easier and easier. Sure, there are times I wish I could smoke, but those feelings don't come very often now. It's hard to believe that a mere 8 weeks ago, (not) smoking was consuming all my thoughts. Now I feel like a normal, non-smoking person.

Bodyworlds has been in St. Louis since October. I've been dying to see it, and I promised myself I would. Then, all of a sudden, I keep seeing "Final Days!" advertisements everywhere. So I got my lazy butt up and went to go see it, and it was pretty awesome. For those of you who have never heard of it, Bodyworlds is an exhibition of human bodies. These are real bodies that have been "plasticized" to preserve the bodies. Then they do things to the bodies to display certain aspects -- organs, muscle groups, etc. There are many body parts through the exhibit, but then there are also many full bodies. The guy picture above is jumping over a hurdle. The way they left all but three pieces of his brain is what gets me about that model.

This guy is holding HIS SKIN in his hands. He's holding his skin in his hands, and all my 7 year old can say is, "Mommy.... what is that hanging down in front?" She's 7... I suppose I should tell her that boys are different than girls, lol.

So the exhibit was very interesting, but still it had this feeling of not being real. It WAS real, it was very real, but I still couldn't fathom the thought that real people donated themselves for those displays. I sure wouldn't want to be on display naked, jumping over a hurdle or holding my own skin in my hands.


Mz Diva said...

So glad to hear about your non-smoking success! I agree with you that most of the time it does almost feel normal to not be lighing up! I still think about it but do not act on it. The body exibition is really cool. I saw it in Los Angeles when it was out here. How is your daughter Amber doing?

maggie said...

I missed Body Worlds when it was here but really did want to see it. Glad you are settling into not smoking so well!