Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Finally Caught Up

I got lucky today. the same item was entered into our software quality control system twice. I had already added the enhancement to the code, so this freed up 2 days in my timeline. Coincidently, I was exactly 2 days behind my timeline. So this is a HUGE relief -- I'm finally caught up at work. This should mean more posts from me, although I don't have much to talk about today.

The subject first and foremost on my mind at the moment is the house we're buying. The outside of the house looks okay, but the inside is a mess! If you click on the picture below it will bring you to the inside pics of the house if you're interested. Keep in mind that it needs LOTS of paint, new floors, tons of cleaning, and more. The comments under the pictures will tell you what we're planning to do to each room before we move in. And we're doing a LOT ... we have the budget, the man power, and the time. I can't wait until I get to do a "before & after" picture story! It's so much work, but I'm excited because we budgeted extremely well and thus know exactly what we can do, and my husband is so great that I have no doubts it will all be accomplished before we move in.

Also, the pics don't do it justice. Even though it's a bit of a mess, the house is spacious and well laid out. There is a 300 square foot addition to the house that will be the living room. It's got 3 finished bedrooms upstairs, 2 unfinished downstairs (1 of those will be finished before we move in), a sunroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, deck and fenced backyard. It's in one of the best school districts in St. Louis county, and it's CHEAP! But we've got a BIG project ahead of us, but it gives us something to look forward to doing.

I've gotta go for now, but hopefully I should be posting reguarly since I'm now caught up at work.


maggie said...

Glad to hear you are caught up, and I think your house sounds awesome!