Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Trim Up Tuesday (Week 8)

Hello everyone, and welcome to Trim Up Tuesday! I would like to give a special shout out today to Ms Diva over at Diva in da Chantix House for taking fitness to the extreme by participating in a hard-core fitness camp! I'm so proud of her, so if you get a chance stop by and leave an encouraging word for her to read whenever she gets a much needed break.

I had a really nice weekend. It was full to the max, but it was good family time. I promise you a post either Wednesday or Thursday (no, really! I even have the pics uploaded to Blogger already).

Thanks for stopping by! Oh yes, one plug for Trim Up Tuesday -- please join! It's not just about losing weight. The blog creator tool at Trim Up Tuesday can record many different facets of health -- from weight (of course) to length and types of exercise and even tracking of your unhealthy meals and drinks. And I'm always up for suggestions if you'd like to see something else added to it. It's important to note that you never have to record information you don't want to -- the tool will simply ignore anything you leave blank, AND it will never display your weight. It simply asks those questions to perform calculations. And I don't see ANY of what you enter -- the tool does not keep your information. Once you're done, it's as gone!


  • I have lost 7.5 pound(s) since I started!
  • I lost 1 pound(s) this week!
  • I am 3.5 pound(s) away from my ideal weight.


  • My BMI is: 21.2. This is considered normal.


  • I worked out 5 time(s) this week.
  • I did 3 hour(s) and 51 minutes of cardio this week
  • I did 1 hour(s) and 46 minutes of brisk activity this week


  • I did meet my last goal
  • My Last Goal Was: Continue to lose weight.
  • My new goal is: Get OUTSIDE and run/walk at least two times.


Mz Diva said...

Hey Brandie,
Thanks for the shout out! I kept thinking that I was going to post way more than I have but as you know I am really busy working out! I lost ten pounds last week and feel way better! I am getting the much needed push that I need to get off my butt! I just got a new Mac so how do you do the template again? I am going through a learning curve on my computer also! I will resume blogging regularly when I get back home.

Brandie said...


The template is at:


You go there and fill in your info, hit "Create Blog" and it will build your template for you. Scroll down to the box that has opened, all the way to the bottom, and copy the code that was created for you. Then go to your blog and paste that same code into a new post, and viola!

Your weight is never posted on Trim Up Tuesday. The form asks for the numbers only to perform calculations on -- how much overall weight you've lost, how much you've lost this week, and what your BMI is. So if you want your BMI displayed, enter your "Current Weight" and your "Height", and it will calculate your BMI for you without displaying your weight.

And always remember that you can skip anything you want to on the Trim Up Tuesday tool. If you don't want your BMI published, then don't enter your height, and so forth.

Hope this helps!

Christie O. said...

High five on meeting all those goals!!! And being 3.5 pounds away from your ideal weight, you're my inspiration! I'm about 12 away but that's a heck of a lot less than it was a few months ago!

maggies mind said...

Yay for you, Brandie! So glad you are still making progress and are already so close to your goal! I've backtracked some the past couple of weeks, but I'm OK with that and am easing into getting back on track. ;)

lynda w said...

Brandie - Congrats on getting closer to your goal!

Diva - TEN POUNDS! That's awesome! I'm so proud of you!