Monday, June 30, 2008


Must ... avoid .... temptation ... to play .... Monopoly ... at work.

Okay, so I broke down and bought Monopoly for my Ipod Nano. It's a game that I love but never get to play, because it's not much fun with only 1 other person. And it takes forever. I rarely buy songs for my Nano (gotta love Limewire pro) -- usually the only songs I "buy" are those I get for free. After all, I already spent $135 to buy the darned thing (that was the price including tax, because I caught it on the after Thanksgiving sale last November), and I couldn't really justify a need for it. Then I went and bought a $15 hard case for it. That brought the price tag on my Nano up to $150. Yikes! So when I bought the Monopoly game I was already feeling guilty for spending the measly $5 (aka, 1.29 gallons of gas) more on my Ipod.

I wound up spending about 4 hours playing that game over the course of the weekend. For me, 2 hours a day playing games is quite a bit. I have a few games I like to play, but I rarely play more than 45 minutes at a time, about one day a week. So now I'm sitting here at work, and my Ipod is next to me, staring me down. "Come on.." it says, "Just a few minutes of game play ..." it chides. I brought it out to play music and have unleashed the monster! As if blogging at work isn't bad enough, now there's the temptation to play Monopoly! But no! I must resist! Well, maybe over my lunch break ...


lynda w said...

I can *so* relate! When my son got a Spongebob game for his Nintendo Gameboy, I got hooked and couldn't put the damn thing down until I solved the game. I'll never get that week of my life back no matter how hard I try.

maggie's mind said...

That would be the last thing I'd need because I would surely be unable to walk away from it, too.