Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Return To Trim Up Tuesday?

Hey folks, I need to know if you still have an interest in Trim Up Tuesday. The tool and page is still there, and I'd hate to scrap all that work. Thoughts/opinions?


lynda w said...

Oh. That's right. The whole diet, exercise and get in shape thing. Hmm. I had convieniently forgotten about all of that. I'd still be interested, but not sure how dedicated I can be about it until summer calms down. Baby steps until then, I guess.

Mz Diva said...

I am down for Trim Up Tuesady right after I get back (which will be on July 12th.) I will be home for two days and them I am going to another 5 day professional develpment from the 14th--18th. I need to start eating better AND using the gyms that they have in these hotels. I am gonna be taking baby steps to but if I could stop gaining weight that would be a plus.