Monday, January 7, 2008

Day 15: Two Weeks!

Hello. By now you've probably figured out that I'm bad about posting over the weekend. Sorry.

So, today is the 2 week milestone! I'm so psyched! I spend my time between 2 projects at work, projects A & B. Well, the middle of last week I switched over to project B, which I will be on for another couple months. Anyway, the woman who is the "client" is a total b*tch. To everyone. Today, for the first time since I moved over, she pulled one of her fits. And completely pissed me off. She IM'd me a nasty note. I knew I needed to calm down before replying, but HOW was the question. It was right then that I realized I had never had to cope with her without cigarettes before, lol. My normal solution would have been go downstairs, have a cig or two, then come back relaxed, less angry, more focused.

The good news is I that I did not want a cigarette. But I had to do something. So I walked around the floor and went to a coworker's cube, and chatted for a while. And you know what -- it worked!! That simple, and I felt so much better! I was able to come back and write a nice reply (no sarcastic undertones, just purely nice and apologetic) . She never replied back, but I didn't expect her to. The point was, I handled it. And I didn't even want to smoke!


lynda w said...

Good for you!!! My Grandma always says that the best way to react to someone who isn't being very nice is to kill them with kindness. Drives them nuts.

Happy 2 Week Mark!

maggie said...

Congrats on two weeks, Brandie! You are on you way, and it's amazing how we do find new ways of dealing with thing where we used to just smoke instead. That's very cool!