Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 23: Lovin' It!

In a previous post I mentioned how I wasn't ready to make the "mind shift" over to the benefits of not-smoking; I was still focusing all my energy on not smoking day to day. Well, I'm starting to like being a non-smoker. Actually, that right there is the first time I have called myself a "non-smoker." Up until now I've said "quitting smoking" -- even though it's been 24 days since I've had even a puff from a cigarette. But I think I'll follow the advice of Tracee -- no, I'm not writing all over my wrist, but I will start thinking and referring to myself as a non-smoker.

As a non-smoker I:

  • Am not decreasing my life span

  • Have more time to spend with the kids, both because I'm not slipping out for that smoke AND because I should be around longer for them

  • Can breathe better

  • Have more energy

  • Save money

  • Smell nice

  • Am not prematurely aging

  • Am not a plague to be avoided and stared at by children and glared at by adults

  • Like myself better

I know there are MANY more points than that, but there's a short list to get me started.


maggie said...

I do *love* all the benefits being a non-smoker. I'll probably always feel more like what I've described on my blog as a "non-smoker who used to smoke" because it was such a part of who I was for 20+ years and still so much a part of my awareness. People who never smoked don't see it as a big deal not to light up when something stressful or joyful happens, but to me, each time I don't smoke and act like a non-smoker, it's still something I notice. As long as I remain a non-smoker, I don't even care what it's called. You are doing awesome, Brandie!

lynda w said...

It took me some time to think of myself as a nonsmoker, too. Doesn't it feel great, though?!