Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day 22: Time To Lose It

I'm 5 weeks and 2 days into my quit. Hooray! I'm thrilled to have made it this far, but I have a problem. And it's a pretty common one: I've put on the weight, about 7 pounds worth of it. I don't own a scale, but I can tell when I need maintence. I got a chance to weigh myself today, and I came in at 136 !yikes!. That was a big eye opener. I'm on winter weight, too -- my normal, base weight, is approx. 125. But I have about 5 winter pounds on at the moment, plus the non-smoking weight. So yeah, it's time for me to get with it and take it off. I usually don't care if I gain 5 pounds of so (thus the winter weight), but 12? That's too much.

The reason I'm telling you guys this is so I make myself work hard on this. I'm too ashamed to fail at anything (read previous post) and I don't want to complain about weight to my friends or family. Yeah, I know I'm strange (especially for a girl) because in general I don't talk about weight, or diets, etc. I don't like to think about it and I'm usually happy with my weight/appearance. But, once again, I love this blog and the people involved because I don't have to keep up facades.

So my goal, for the moment (until Spring hits), is to get back down to 130 pounds. I will do this by cardio and/or weight activities 4 or 5 days a week. I will cut the soda down to one can every 2 or 3 days. I will cut out my weekly Monster energy drink. I will not overload my plate at dinner. It's a large plate and there's no need to fill it up. I will eat my oatmeal each weekday for breakfast, instead of skipping it in favor of crackers every other day. I will take a daily walk at work (this one is already in practice).

Let's say this goal started yesterday (Monday). Yesterday I played DDR (Dance Dance Reveloution) non-stop for approx. 2 hours. That's excercise enough for me.

1 workout down this week, 3 or 4 more to go.


maggie said...

Brandie, I understand. I've mostly been well within normal weight range and fairly content, but I've gained about 15 or 20 pounds since quitting (depending on which I consider my starting weight). We were starting to do some healthier eating shortly after the new year, but we got way off track with our trip, and we are just now getting back on track. Of course, there are more things looming that will shake my plan a little here and there, but my biggest fear isn't the first 10 or 20 pounds but where it goes from there. I could live with myself fine where I am, but gaining more probably isn't so healthy.

All that long ramble just says that I'm with you! Good luck to us both taking charge and going for it!

owned by dogs said...

I have had a weight issue since my son finished breastfeeding...some 15 and a half years ago! I tip the scales around 300 pounds,asthma since I was 12, and smoked off mostly on the last 15 years. I too am starting to work out along with the Chantix...God knows I do not need to gain any non smoking weight!

owned by dogs said...

Do you mind if I put you under my links???

Tasina said...

OMG 136!!! I'd kill to weigh that little. I know it's all a matter of perspective, but really - it could be A LOT worse.

I think one time you asked me about living in St. Louis. We moved away in the summer of 2005. We lived in South City - the South Hampton Neighborhood. Kind of between Ted Drewes and The Hill.

lynda w said...

We'll have to start calling you "our little peanut." I hear you on the weight thing though. If it takes you out our your confort zone, it's a problem.

My problem is that I put everyone else before myself. Someone needs to start a "Weekly Workout W...something" thing like these "Weekly Winners" and Thursday Thirteen's" I keep seeing. (Love them, by the way.) Then we can all motivate each other. Too bad I'm not computer genius enough for that. Any takers?

lynda w said...

I am totally going to start thinking about names!

Yes, I'm a dork. LoL.