Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Will

I am sick and tired of looking myself in the mirror. These surgeries kept me down for more than 2 months, and it is time to bounce back. That time is now, and I am determined to work it as hard as I can. If I work hard this month, I can still enjoy myself in the warm August and September months. I just have to remember this summer isn’t yet a total loss. Normally I spend late April and all of May working into shape for the summer. Unfortunately the unforeseen circumstances made it impossible for me to exercise during my long, slow and painful recovery. I am almost recovered, and I will force the last of it away as I work back into my routine. This is my Trim Up Tuesday prelude. Stop back in one week to see how I did as I start using the Trim Up Tuesday tool again.

1. I will incorporate exercise back into my life by creating a daily exercise plan and sticking to it

2. I will see my tummy tightened, my dimples decreased and my thighs trimmed

3. I will lose no less than 4 pounds by this time next month

4. I will see my confidence increase and my self doubts decrease.

5. I will get my caffeine from calorie-free tea, instead of energy drinks and sodas

6. I will cook healthier meals, and stop relying so much on fatty fillers, such as heavy whipping cream (a personal favorite, unfortunately)

7. I will eat healthier lunches at work – whether going out or bring my food in

8. I will focus on portion control

9. I will re-examine these goals in 1 month, crossing off completed goals and making new ones

10. I will not succumb to laziness, tiredness, or excuses.


Pollye P said...

Hi Brandie, I like your list and I think you will do this. As of July 4th I have been quit smoking for a year. My blog has turned into everything inmy life but I'm going to write about my quit again.

maggies mind said...

Best of luck to you, Brandie! You can do it, and it's worth it.