Monday, July 21, 2008

Skewered, Starving, Swollen and Sore

Saturday we forced Alexia to get her other ear pierced. She had both of them pierced, but then she wouldn’t let us put an earring in one of the ears and it closed up. One and a half year later and she still has a single earring. On Friday I let her get her hair cut short – I watched, trying not to cry, as her mid-down-the-back length hair fell to the floor in a new shoulder-length bob. It’s cute, yes, but it also makes her look a lot older, which is sad in it’s own way. Anyways, I was going somewhere with this, and that somewhere is that the one earring thing was suddenly way noticeable. So we said enough was enough, and took her to the mall, and literally held her down while she screamed and got her remaining ear pierced. I had to fend off a few comments from parents who “wouldn’t do this to *their* child” as well as those who agreed that 1.5 years was long enough, and it was time to get it done. When it was finished, Alexia was as good as new, and smiling and happy, and “my ear doesn’t feel funny at all, mom.” Well thanks, dear … now if only you had been so compliant during the piercing, I wouldn’t see visions of DFS calls coming soon in my future.

They had such gorgeous body jewelry there. I have my belly button pierced, and I love it. But as Alexia is getting pierced, and I see all these barbells, I think again on how I’ve always kind of wanted my tongue pierced. We get home at about 7:30 pm I jump online to do some research. I notice that there’s a body piercing shop 1.5 miles away that’s open till 10 pm. So I decide what the heck, I’ll drive up there and talk to someone about the whole thing. I walk in and tell them “I’m thinking about getting my tongue pierced.” The guy replies, “What do you mean you’re *thinking* about it?” Before I can blink, he’s setting up the paperwork and is leading me into the chair to get it done. Getting pierced is always scary for me, but the piercing really wasn’t that bad. Uncomfortable, yes. It hinged on pain, but never really got there. Before I knew it my tongue had been skewered and I was out the door, 15 short minutes after I walked in the place.

Now I’m sitting here with a tongue swollen to over 2 times it’s normal size. I’ve hardly eaten anything since dinner on Saturday (before the piercing). I can barely talk, and people are having much fun at my expense. The boss lady asked me what the “appeal” is for a piercing such as this one. I kinda shrugged, thinking, if she doesn’t get it without me telling her, she’ll probably never get it … even if I told her. So I kept my mouth shut, cause I didn’t want to explain *that* to my boss!

For the most part the soreness and pain is gone. That was the first 24 hours. Now I’m left with hunger and a serious speech impediment. 3 days more and I should be able to talk normally. In 4 or 5 days I should be able to eat something that requires chewing. I’m laughing at my own stupidity right now. I realize I did this to myself so I’m taking it with good humor and biding my time. I think it’s going to be totally worth it, I know I’m going to love this piercing!


Mz Diva said...

I am glad you are happy with the piercing! I am kind of a wimp in that department. I have had my ears peirced twice and each time they infected badly! I was going to get my nose pierced but did not think that would be a cool place for an infection! It seems like my body rejects piercings so I guess unless I am ready to brave the infection, I will have to stay piere-free!

Brandie said...

I think that if there's something you really want pierced, then go for it. I was scared to death to get my belly button pierced, and that's why I waited for so long, until one day I got a wild hair up my ass and decided to do it. Right then. I have never regretted it.

Just because you got ear infections doesn't mean you'll get a nose infection. Just go to a piercer you trust, and take good care of it afterwords. I get infections in my ear piercings, but have never had a problem with my navel.

Pollye P said...

Ouch is all I can say, my grandaughter (23) has a lot of piercings and she says the bar in her upper ear was by far the worst. She once sent me a picture of her tonsils were removed. They made her take out the tongue jewely for that! good story Brandie.

BK said...

I am speechless! It is pointless for me to ask you how it felt or what went through your mind when you were having your tongue pierced, not unless I try it out myself. To imagine it, it seems to activate all my pain sensors. Glad to hear that you are going to love this piercing though and I just wish that you'll feel good super fast and be able to eat and talk normally real soon.

lynda w said...

What?! I take off for a few days and come back to find you putting more holes in your body? LoL. Just kidding! Glad you didn't let a little fear stop you from doing something that you wanted.