Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Best Thing About Easter is the Chocolate

I've been working on our Trim Up Tuesday stuff and I must say it's coming along great! Last night I broke down and bought a scale. I usually refuse to own one because if I own one I will want to step on it every day and therefore I will judge the rest of my day based on that reading. I decided I really did need one, though, just so I can make sure I'm not going opposite of the direction I need to, and also in preparation for our Trim Up Tuesdays.

My trip to the store finished out badly -- before I left the store I went down the Easter chocolate aisle. I've been dying for some Cadburry Cream Eggs, and I didn't want to miss this year's opportunity. And of course while I was there I couldn't pass up those awesome Resse's Peanut Butter Eggs that were just the right proportion of thin, creamy chocolate and thick candied peanut butter. So yeah ... I checked out with a nice digital scale and multiple packages of Cadburry and Resse's eggs. Great combination, eh?

So I've come to the conclusion that the best commercial aspect of Easter is the chocolate, even though I really don't care too much for chocolate, except at Easter, because it's the best!


lynda w said...

That's great! A scale and chocolate. LoL.

We went out to eat at a local diner and I chose wisely. *Patting own back* I even passed on the pie. I've been crabby ever since. LoL.

maggie's mind said...

I love the Cadburry eggs. I've had one so far this season and will probably have another at some point... I like to weigh myself every morning just to keep an eye on things. Some disagree, but it works for me. The hard part is not stressing out when I've been eating better yet don't lose anything only to gain something the one time I eat something bad... I can't take any one day's weight to heart but let it average out over the week. So I say. Remembering that is tough.

Anyway, congrats on the scale and the yummy egg!