Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday, So Soon?

I must say I've kept myself busy this weekend! I never thought manual labor could be so much fun. Aside from volunteering for a Habitat for Humanity build a few months ago, I've never done any kind of home improvement stuffs. I didn't even learn as much as I anticipated for the build -- I pretty much helped sod a huge yard. So if I ever needed to lay sod rolls, I'd know what I was doing there. That doesn't much help me out much at the moment.

I did what felt like a lot of stuff this weekend. Mainly I just kept myself busy scraping off wall paper. The bathroom had really thick, texture paper on the walls, and it proved a huge hassle to remove. I also took a sledgehammer to a wall in the bathroom! That was more fun than I ever imagined, even if my husband chastised me for not being more gentle and thus creating less mess. Bah! More mess == more fun, right? The rest of the bathroom was still intact, so I think I did good job with it :-)

In case you missed it, I did post pictures of the house in this blog. These pictures were taken a couple weeks before we bought the house. The house is a wreck now with all the demolition going on. I need to take some pics of the mess and post them on here. It's funny, the more I tear the house apart the better I like it. This house has so much potential and I love it already. I never knew a project so daunting could be so fun and fulfilling.

Sorry everyone, I promised to catch up on the blogs this weekend and never did. I'm in the process of that now. We have a tie for the name of our Tuesday health blog. I posted a new poll, so please vote again. We had a tie between "Trim Up Tuesday" and "Tighten Up Tuesday." If we can't get this resolved via a vote, then I'm just going to pick "Trim Up Tuesday." Please vote!

Until next time ...


maggie's mind said...

Sounds like fun!

MamaFlo said...

I love seeing home renovations, kinda like beauty and the beast. Your home is going to mean so much more to you. We've moved around the country a great deal over the last 30+ years and there were times when a home we bought never quite felt like our home but instead I felt like it was a temporary stop over.
Make it Yours and let us see the results as they are happening.

Brandie said...

Will do!