Monday, March 24, 2008

Image Problems

Blogger can be REALLY funky about images. It drives me nuts. I tripled checked that darn code in 3 browsers and it worked, but that doesn't mean a thing. It's not IE7, by the way, it's simply blogger.

If that code does not work for you, save the picture locally and add it via blogger. Here is the direct link:

Hope that helps!


lynda w said...

I'm trying to make a button for my blog. What software did you use to make the "Trim Up Tuesday button?" I'm having the same problem that I had with my header - it's too blurry and I'm getting frustrated.

Brandie said...

I used paint shop pro. The only thing different is the dimensions. If you take the large image and limit the height and width via the img src tag, you *should* be able to narrow down the size.

Brandie said...

Don't worry about it if you can't get the image this week .. I'll still add you to the blogroll :-)

I can look at it this coming week to see if I can find any way around blogger's odd way of doing images.