Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bird In The Pants

First off, I apologize, but the "Trim/Tighten" Up Tuesday is going to have to wait just one week. I didn't even consider the fact that I AM BUYING A HOUSE tomorrow and will be extremely busy this weekend. Sorry, folks. I promise to get that before next Tuesday.

Funny Story:
We have a parakeet named Bonnie. She was a rescue, and we got her about two weeks ago. We have been working on taming her. So yesterday me and the kids were playing with Bonnie. We took her out of her cage and let her walk around the floor. This little birdie likes to hide in tight, close spaces. Before I know it, Bonnie is headed towards Amber's pant leg. I saw it coming but it was too late, I couldn't stop her. The bird crawled into Amber's pant leg!

At that moment Amber started freaking out and I'm trying to keep her calm. Amber jumps up, and I expect to see the bird fall out. Instead, I see this little lump of fabric crawling up Amber's leg. Amber is laughing like crazy, and I'm trying to explain to her that she needs to calm down and be still or she'll crush the little birdie.

I kept trying to shake the bird out of Amber's pants (I never thought I'd have to say that sentence) but it kept climbing higher! We were so busy laughing that I lost track of the bird. I asked Amber, "Where's the bird?" She says, "Right there!" I couldn't see it. "Where?" I asked again. "Right there!" she says again. "In your BUTT?" "Yes!!" At that point I was laughing so hard that Alex had to come by and see what all the fuss was about, and sure enough, he's cracking up too. Again, I couldn't shake the bird out, so I ended up pulling down Amber's pants and manually extracting the bird from the seat of her pants and (finally) getting her back into her cage.

Later that night, Alexia says: "Mom, I wish I could have a bird in MY pants." Of all the things to be jealous of!


maggie's mind said...

Too funny! I love that you rescue animals. I'm already one kitty of the limit (she came with a very sad and sobby story and was, technically, a rescue), but wish I could do more. Not that it matters, but you just gained like 439 coolness points in my book.

Brandie said...

Hey, I'll take all the coolness points I can get :-)

My husband won't allow too many animals, but occassionally something comes along, like Bonnie and I'm 'allowed' to take her in.

MamaFlo said...

I want to hear all about this new house/home. You sound like an incredibly smart woman.

Brandie said...

Why thank you Mamaflo! That sure makes me feel good :-)

I've done some posts about the house, but of course I'll give more details this coming week. We'll be working on it for approx. 2 months before moving in, so there will be lots to talk about!