Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Opinions Please!

Lynda posted yesterday about the need to get back into shape. Unfortunantly that's a common theme with us new non-smokers. Many comments later it was decided that we should have a weekly blog about what we're doing to better our physical condition -- be it lose weight, maintain your current self, trim up, or just be healthier.

We have decided this blog will take place on Tuesday, and it will be like "Weekly Winners" or "Friday Fill-ins" or "Thursday Thirteen." I will create the logo & templates for all of us to use. Here's where we need help. We need to name this weekly blog! I have created a poll to vote on the name. You can find it on the upper left-hand corner of this page. Please take a second and vote!!!

We also need any suggestions you can give. This blog will have a diet element, a workout element, and a weight element. What else, if anything, would you like to see tracked? I can't gaurantee that I'll incorporate all suggestions, but I would like to hear them. Please leave comments on this post.

I look to launch the the template this Monday night! Until then I might have questions that need answered, so check back to see if there are more votes and/or suggestions needed.


lynda w said...

I'm confused. Is this going to be a separate blog or weekly posts on our own blogs like Weekly Winners and Thursday Thirteens?

Brandie said...

It will be like Weekly Winners and Thursday Thirteen ... I'll create logos and a template for everyone to copy and paste into their own blogs.

Brandie said...

If you're wondering about the two new blogs I created, I plan to post the template on a seperate blog. I will also keep links of all the bloggers who are participating. It's just a central site for template and info about it. I just went ahead and reserved both names -- the way the poll is looking now, it will be one of those two names. I'll delete the other after the final decision is made!

lynda w said...

You're so organized! I'm impressed.

Brandie said...

Why thank you ... but hold off your compliments until I actually get this thing accomplished :-)