Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy Hours

Wow. Why is it I can't seem to just enjoy happy hour? Somehow, happy hour always turns into happy hourS, and I wind up stumbling in the door anywhere from 10 - 12 at night. That's 6 - 8 very happy hours, when drinking begins at 4. Seriously though, most of the time I don't really enjoy drinking but somehow when I go out with my co-workers I wind up doing this every time. At least I didn't smoke! The bar we went to is a very smokey bar, and I was tempted. Heck, someone even left a pack of Marlboro Lights (my brand) on our table. I looked at them ... I picked up the pack and looked inside, even. But I did NOT smoke. I'm so very proud of myself, even if I did have way too much to drink.

I didn't do much Saturday. Alex's friend and his wife came over for dinner. Dinner turned out well -- bacon, eggs, and biscuits and gravy -- you can't really beat that! And then we played cards.

Sunday I skipped the mother in laws! I know, I'm a terrible person. I wasn't feeling real well (I had a tummy ache) and I was extra tired because of daylight savings time. I have a hard enough time making it to a local church service, let alone driving an hour to make it to service. So I got the girls ready and sent them with the hubby, and I slept. Later my father-in-law showed up to drop of a birthday card with a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble. My hubby had given me one too, so I got ready and went book shopping. It's been about a year since I picked out books for myself. I came home with the beginning of the Xanth series by Pier Anthony and the complete set of Jane Austin novels. I'm pleased, those will keep me busy for a while.

I will leave you with a picture. We were taking a picture of the cat, when Alexia (my 4 year old) snatched up the cat real quick, and says "Take a picture of ME with the cat!" ... I love the glowing eyes:


lynda w said...

I'm going to need a nap today, myself. Your daughter is adorable! I love that blonde hair.

maggie said...

Aw, cute picture! Glad you make it through Happy Hour(s) without too much trouble not smoking. Happy belated birthday and happy reading, too!

Kitty_Kat said...
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Nicole said...

I cannot believe how much she looks like you!