Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Movies I Love

I watch my all-time favorite movies about once a year (that's my equivalant of watching them over and over again). These are my top 13, in no particular order:

1.... Gone With the Wind
2.... Lord of the Rings Triology
3.... Mermaids
4.... Whole Nine Yards.
5.... Just Married
6.... Death to Smoochy
7.... Saved
8.... Clueless
9.... The Ring
10... Labyrinth
11... What Dreams May Come
12... Armageddon
13... Independence Day

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous list, although Mermaids breaks my heart every time.

Great taste, you have.

maggie's mind said...

Wow, the only one I've seen is Gone With the Wind (read the book, too), and it's truly a classic. Mermaids is still on my list to see...

lynda w said...

I haven't seen Mermaids in years. I'm going to have to rent it now! What a great movie!

Brandie said...

It sticks with you, doesn't it? It reminds me so much of my childhood ... it really hits home. That aside, it's a great movie.

Tasina said...

I love What Dreams May Come. The colors and effects are just breathtaking...also it always makes me cry.

Brandie said...

It always makes me cry, too.

nicholas said...

Interesting list. You have 2 of my favourites on it, and also one of my all time worst!

Brandie said...

But which one is your all time worst? I'd be interested to know ... I would venture to guess Saved or Death to Smoochy ... those can be really offensive depending on your mindset and how much satire you can take. But I'm very interested to know!

And which two are your favorites?

Mz Diva said...

I am not really a big movie person....I simply don't have the time and have attention issues so I usually watch reality TV (1/2 hour) but one movie I do LOVE and have actually watched more than once is "13 Going on 30" starring Jennifer Garner! I also watched " A Walk to Remember" more than once and it was definetly a tear-jerker. Other than that, unless I am teaching a film, I rarely watch them.