Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Trim Up Tuesday?

By the looks of the poll thus far, our weekly blog will be titled "Trim Up Tuesday." That could change, we'll just have to wait and see. Again, I apologize because I promised that today, before thinking of the extremely large weekend I had coming with buying a new house and all. I think we definitely need this, though. Tuesday just needs a blog of it's own anyways, and on top of that, everyone can afford to be healthier! I never got any suggestions last time I posted, so please leave a suggestion if you have one (you can even post anonymously now).

Right now I'm on a conference call for an extremely boring meeting. I've been on the call for 30 minutes, and there's another 30 to go! And this guy keeps whistling when he says an "S." It's very high pitched and beginning to really hurt my ears. Geesh ... is it lunch time yet?


lynda w said...

I say just go with Trim Up Tuesday.

MamaFlo said...

This sure would be easier if we lived close enough to meet up to do this exercise and then could go out for coffee and breakfast afterwards (haha).

Brandie said...

Yeah, It's gonna be Trim Up Tuesday. And yes, Mamaflo, I completely agree with you! I wish we all lived close together and then (theoretically) we'd motivate each other. Or, we'd just wind up yacking and doing nothing :-)