Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen Things about me

1.... My favorite color is blue.
2.... I am shamefully addicted to the Sims 2.
3.... I write computer programs & build websites just for fun.
4.... I am obsessed with all things Tweety.
5.... I prefer small, compact cars, as long as it has 4 doors.
6.... My average driving speed coming into work this morning was 87 mph.
7.... I have 16 feet of clothes -- and those are just the ones that hang.
8.... I don't like spending time outdoors, unless I'm swimming.
9.... I am a perfectionist.
10... Miller Light is my favorite beer.
11... Buttery Nipple is my favorite shot.
12... Sex on the Beach is my favorite drink.
13... I'm buying a house ... tomorrow!!!

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Janet said...

hahaha you drive like me ;-)

Congrats, too, on buying a house! What great news!

maggie's mind said...

I love the Sims 2, too, but I drive like a granny because of a couple of near misses. Congrats on the house!

Brandie said...

It's just in my blood to get where I'm going as quick as I can. I'm very careful, and I give my full attention to the road, but that's no excuse. Yes, I admit, I'm an idiot.

Tasina said...

I totally agree with you on #8. And I'm allergic to cholrine so it has to be swimming in a lake or river.

Congrats on the house!! How exciting. We're hoping to but this summer or fall.

Brandie said...

I'm not allergic to chlorine, thankfully, because I do love to swim. We have a swimming pool in our backyard that we use almost every day in the hot weather.