Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day 108

Happy Wednesday!

I haven't talked about my quit in a while, so here's the update: today is 15 weeks, 3 days since I quit smoking -- that's 108 days!!! And life has returned to normal. I don't get serious cravings anymore; I don't think about smoking much anymore. I can walk right by the smokers outside the building and not give a care in the world that I'm not there, in fact, I'm happy that's not me. I smell good, my teeth are whiter, I'm healthier, more energetic and less winded. I no longer stand outside my work, house, or any other place in the cold, pouring rain, or (soon to come) extreme heat just to suck down a cigarette. I'm no longer a "plague" to avoided by non-smokers.

I'm excited about tommorrow night because I start the Strip Cardio class. I hope it's good -- I'm so excited about it I'd hate for it to be a dud.

I have more planting to do this weekend. I started plants indoors a week ago -- sunflowers, pumpkins, watermellon, and two types of tomatoes. The sunflowers have grown so fast and so tall in ONE WEEK that I absolutely have to plant them this weekend! This poses a problem because I didn't want to do the backyard yet... I'm still recovering from the front yard! Oh well, I guess I'll just suck it up and have at the backyard, whether permitting.

I have nothing more to say ... see you tomorrow for Thursday Thirteen!


maggie's mind said...

I think it's excellent that you don't even think much about smoking anymore. Very cool.

lynda w said...

Congrats! You're doing great.