Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekly Winners

Here I am, late as always. Oh well, no excuses except remodeling a house can wipe out all your energy! Here are my pics...

Recall the bathroom two weeks ago when we discovered the wall was rotting from water damage, so we took the whole thing out and rebuilt it:

After wall was built, insullation and plumbing was put in, we *finally* have a (brand new) bathtub back in there. In case you're wondering why it took two weeks, it's because we had to wait until we had help for these tasks, and the only time we have help is on the weekends, so the real time all this took was about 3.5 days:

This big, unfinished space is my nice big closet in my room downstairs. Yes, my wonderful man spoils me -- I get an entire room to myself, just for clothing, exercise equiptment and vanity table. And he's building me a huge closet:

He has finished in the closet. Part of it has been allocated for the workroom across the hall (the closet used to span from my room, behind the stairs, all the way to the room across the hall!). Here's the closet so far:

Alexia's room before:

Yes, she picked out the color. It could be worse, I guess:

The sunroom is my favorite room in the house. This is the sunroom before:

Now we've painted the ceiling and added one coat to the walls. It's going to need a second coat, and that brown trim is going to be replaced with white:

That's all for this week! Thanks for stopping by, if you're really interested and want more pictures of our remodel, go here.


maggie's mind said...

Making progress!

lynda w said...

I LOVE the way the paint in the sunroom lookes against the brown trim of the windows and the fireplace. Throw a cozy rug in there and some brown leather furniture and it would look awesome. Warm and cozy.

Brandie said...

haha ... unfortunantly, the rennovation leaves my budget a bit short of the cost of a rug and brown leather furniture :-)

The house I am renting now has this color in the living room, and it has white trim. Looking at the two, I like the white trim better :-)

Jack said...

Renovating can be exhausting! Love the colour of your sun room, the white trim will really set it off. Looking forward to seeing more progress posts.

Thanks for your comment about the cradle :)