Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekly Winners

Okay, here are the pics for the house work this past week! We just completed week 5, and now the countdown till move-in is looming before us with only 3 weeks left to go!

The bathroom has been a huge project, but now that the tub and backerboard is in, I feel like we've freed up time to make improvements elsewhere. I am beginning to see the house taking shape and looking a lot nicer, and it excites me.

Recall the bathroom at the end of last week:

Putting backerboard in:

We're almost ready to tile! The shower & the floor will be tiled in slate. I'm a bit nervous, but I'm sure it's gonna turn out well:

Recall the living room wall? We had big brick thing in the middle of the room with an old wood stove on top of it. That was removed, and the wall and ceiling was finished in where the brick had been:

Priming begins! I'm really excited at the thought of the living room getting worked on again:

We did a lot of outside work on Sunday. This was the backyard when we first bought the house:

We cleaned it up a bit, and got rid of the broken plastic objects:

I put in a garden! Alex put up a nice fenced in area for me to keep the pests out (i.e., one blond little girl and one brunette, and the occassional bunny). I had started a bunch of plants a few weeks ago so I got those in the ground. Not that you can tell, but in this garden we have: tomatoes, brocolli, cantelope, watermelon and strawberries:

The tulips that I planted a few weeks ago when I did the front yard work are blooming. If you look at the left side of this photo, in front of the curved brick, there is a line of tulips & daffodils:

And now they're blooming! They got a little beat up after a harsh storm last week, but they survived at least:

My favorite tulip plant of them all, I think it's just perfect:

And finally, I caught those elusive "pests" sneaking around the backyard! At least they couldn't get into the garden ...


Jack said...

Awww your tulips are so pretty! Cute pests too! hehehe