Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons I Want a Third Child

Today is bring your kid to work day! I have Alexia (my 4 year old) here. She’s being so sweet and good right now – we’ll see how long it lasts! In light of the news I broke yesterday, and Alexia being at work with me today, here is my TT:

1.... I’m a gluten for punishment.
2.... It seems we’re always broke anyway, so how much worse can it get?
3.... Hmm… 2 college savings accounts, 3 kids … I think it will work. I can probably bank on the probability that one of them won’t go, right?
4.... I miss thriving on 3 hours of sleep for 3 -- 4 months.
5.... I just don’t feel right unless I’m constantly carrying around a burp cloth for protection.
6.... My house has too much room and needs more clutter to it.
7.... Having the kids out of the house when I turn 39 seemed too liberating. I had to make it 44 instead.
8.... Putting a third kid in between the 2 already screaming kids in the back seat of the car will solve all my problems.
9.... It’s so much fun to go without alcohol for 9 months.
10... I’m a terrible person who wants to overpopulate the earth.
11... I don’t have enough things to worry about.
12... I’m not busy enough already.
13... Because I love my two deeply and I’m not ready to resign myself to being done with bearing children and wanted one more before the shop is permanently closed. Because my 4 year old severely wants a baby and my 7 year old wants to be left alone. Because my children do not get along at all, in the least, except when there is a third child in the room. Because, I want a child conceived and born in wedlock, and even though we already have one, she was 4 by the time we got married and I think I deserve to bless our new marriage with a new baby.

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Patrice said...

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! Nice TT!

Bethanne said...

Oh yay! this is a great list! Number two is sooooo true! there will never be enough money so there's no point in waiting until you're 30 or 40 to start. it doesn't work that way! lol

MamaFlo said...

What is it that's said "The Third Times a Charm." You're going to get even more love and joy than you have now - Lucky You!!!

Nicholas said...

Good luck to you !!

MamaFlo said...

I've got another one for your list.......

Brandie and family have more love to give than children to give it to :)

lynda w said...

I've always wanted a third child, too. Unfortunately hubby says no more and that *he* can't handle going through child birth again.

Congrats, again!